Termite protection

As most Australian homes are not covered for termite damage in their home and contents insurance policy, customers spend up to in the tens of thousands of dollars for the damage that has been caused by termites. Early detection and treatment of termite activity is vital to minimise the damage that has been caused. We recommend yearly inspections of your home and property which involves a timber pest inspection, termite activity, other timber damaging pests and fungal decay.

An inspection is a small investment to provide peace of mind, eliminating high costs of repairs from termite attack.


What is expected from our termite treatments

Chemical hand sprayed perimeter soil treatment

What this is suited for:

  • Homes without a physical termite barrier
  • Helps reduce the likelihood of termite entry through cavities
  • Treated soil becomes a deterrent to termites and when combined with chemicals can help eradicate termite infestations

Chemical reticulation perimeter soil treatment

This involves laying a pipe in the soil around the perimeter of the house. The pipe has emitters and when liquid termiticide is pumped through the piping the chemical is distributed into the soil. The treated soil becomes a deterrent to termites and depending on the type of chemical can kill termites.

Termite monitoring and baiting stations

  • Takes effect during the building process or during the construction of extensions
  • Designed to stop termites entering forcing them to remain outside

All barriers are installed by our licensed pest control technicians who will advise you of the best option for your particular situation after an inspection and evaluation has been conducted.

Termites destroy our homes and other buildings, often undetected from under and within. If they’re not removed by one of our experienced technicians, it is possible that they could bring down any structure, in due time. Termite monitoring involves bait stations which are placed around the perimeter of the property to detect termite activity.

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