Termite pre-construction & warranty

Construction of all new buildings and additions are required to be protected in accordance with the Australian Standard AS3660.1 2014 Termite Management. The purpose of a termite management system is to prevent hidden termite entry and reduce the risk of termite attack. The termite management specialists at Termiticidal will work with you on all new construction to ensure the project stays on track and the best results for termite management is achieved and discuss options and costs to best suit your need and budget.

To prevent attacks from termites, reticulation systems have been extensively tested and successful over the years as it offers a long term termite management and damage prevention system to protect your property.


What's involved?

Slab penetrations

Numerous systems are available to prevent termites entering through expansion gaps around services that penetrate the slab such as electrical cables, air-conditioner drains, plumbing and drainage pipes.

Physical barriers

The preferred physical termite prevention barrier method is the use of a termite membrane or chemically impregnated sheet. This termite barrier treatment is safe and very effective.

Reticulation systems

These specially designed systems consist of a pipe or hose that runs along the side of a building either in soil or in most cases under a path, slab or pavers. The pipe/hose has evenly spaced holes which the termiticide can then be pumped through to create a treated zone to prevent termite entry. The long term advantage of the reticulation system avoids having to lift pavers, trench soil, disturb gardens, or drill paths when the system needs to be renewed, saving you money.

Ideally a reticulation system should be installed to the perimeter of a building just after construction and before any additional slabs are laid.


From all the distress from these termites, Termiticidal endeavour to make our customers feels at ease and to provide further piece of mind, we do provide warranty to protect your home and/or business from termite damages. Our termite warranty covers termite treatments/ pre-construction systems offering long term reassurance against the threat of termites.

Termiticidals experienced and qualified technicians, will work with you ensuring you the safe and best possible outcome.

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