End of lease

Termiticidal offers end of lease flea treatments and pest control services for tenants looking to move elsewhere, or if they’re contract is coming to an end. It is common for your real estate agent to have terms in your tenancy agreement regarding end of lease pest control. In most cases, if you have had pets on the premises, it would require you to have a flea treatment done. The flea treatment is important as flea eggs lay dormant for months, only hatching once they feel vibrations caused by new tenants and/or pets moving into the property.

If there have been some other type of pest infestations such as bed bugs or rodents it is important you call our professional technicians to inspect and exterminate these pests.
Completing a professional pest control treatment with our technicians, will reduce the risk in loosing money from your bond, and any negative effects on the next families stay. Although some families may keep their pets outside or have been on the property for a short stay you are still required to complete a pest control treatment.

What to do for an effective outcome:

  • The property must be emptied and cleaned first
  • Ensure the pest control treatment is completed once the property has been completely cleared out

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